When Your Property Needs Repair

How Much Does New Roof Cost?

A new roof is an excellent idea for most properties, but what about the costs?

New roof cost

A property owner will have a budget in place, and this has to be taken into account when considering materials, labor, and equipment. For most people, this might be the first time they have ventured down this road and won’t have a clue as to what a new roof entails.

Well, this is not a time to panic.

This read will provide all of the relevant information for those who are looking to assess how much a new roof costs in this day and age.

General Roof Replacement Costs

Let’s start with general roof replacement costs as that is a good starting point for this subject.

A professional will charge anywhere from $5000-12000 when it comes to removing the roof and replacing it. This is a general cost meaning the materials, and all other “additional” costs have not be factored in. This is the base price a person will have quoted to them regardless of what is being used.

in essence, this is what the labor would cost.

This is a price point every property owner should be expecting when looking around to see what a new roof costs.


Now, the variables start to come into the equation to determine what your cost will be. It begins with the materials that are going to be used on your new roof.

For example, asphalt shingles (basic) cost around $100 per square (10x10ft area). Each roof will require a set amount of these “squares” and that will be adjudged when the roofer measures things out for your property.

However, there are other materials which are far more expensive such as metal roof which can go into the four figures per square (ii.e. $1000/sq) which is a hefty price to pay on top of labor. Take this into account when penning down the costs.

Customization Costs

A person might want the roof to look a specific way or get the materials to lie down in a particular manner. This will vary from property owner to property owner and is an added cost. The roofing service will sit down and iron out these details in advance before giving a final quote.

The goal is to make sure the roof looks good, but within a budget, so do understand those customized needs are going to add to the costs.

The costs will vary with each roofer.


This is one of those intangibles which are going to have an impact on the cost. Experienced roofers are going to charge more due to their positive track record, licensing, and insured approach. This gives property owners better results and that comes at a premium.

There are “amateurs” who are going to be devoid of licensing and insurance, but will charge less.

This is up to the property owner, but it is always recommended to pay the extra money and not cut corners when it comes to a professional team. The long-term consequences can be difficult to handle when the wrong service is selected.


Just like experience, this is another variable that comes into play. A property owner can have a reduced quote if they overlook getting “warranty” on the project. Is that a smart idea? Most experiences in the past suggest it is a horrible idea and will lead to long-term repair work.

It is smarter to let those who have professionally installed it put together a warranty and sign off on it.

This puts the property owner at ease knowing they have something to fall back on in case the roof collapses in a week.

Go through these new roof costs and figure out what will be required for your needs. Each property owner is going to have a different vision as to how they want the roof to look and what the costs should be. It is recommended to sit down and have these needs written down immediately and then start calling local professionals.

They will be able to offer a quote on your needs, and then a decision can be made.

There is no reason to rush this process as a good decision here will lead to long-term savings with reduced maintenance costs.


All You Need To Know About Roofing Repair

Roofing repair is something that needs to be done in every home after some time, especially if you want to avoid the expense of replacing the entire roof. This is an affordable alternative since you only have to replace a small section of the roof that is damaged. However, you also need to understand that roof repair is not an easy task, and you might be required to hire a professional roofing contractor to do this kind of work. Furthermore, you will also need various tools for this sort of job and if you do not have the proper tools you might be required to buy or rent some of them.

Signs To Show That Your Roof Needs Repair.

The best time to start roof repair is when you detect early signs of damage. Do not wait for the roof materials to start falling off or get blown away by the wind to start doing the repair. It is advisable that you conduct regular roof inspection to make sure that the roof is in good condition and secured. Besides the roof leaking, here are other signs that indicate roof damage.

1. The presence of water in the attic especially after an ice buildup or heavy rainfall.

2. Visible stains on the ceiling and also on the interior walls.

3. Noticeable shingles decay and forming of mildew growth or mold.

4. Cracking and curling of the roof materials.

Roofing Repair Tips

If your roof has minor damages, you can choose to do the repair and save the cost of hiring a roofing expert. Some of the minor damages that you are easy to fix are small leaking, examining the rubber boot and replacement of worn-out shingles and other roofing material. To deal with small leaks, the first thing you need to do is locate where the leak is coming from.

If the ceiling of your house has a plastic vapor barrier installed between the attic insulation and the drywall, you may be forced to move aside the insulation to check for water stains. In most cases, a small leak may cause the water to flow to the open spaces such as the ceiling light fixtures. If you cannot find any stains or water marks after pushing the insulation aside, check under the roof for shiners. A shiner is the pointed part of the nail that misses the framing member when the carpenter is nailing the roof sheathing. The best way to deal with this problem is to clip them with a hammer or a side cutting pliers.

During a roofing repair, you also need to check the plumbing vent boots and make sure that it is in good working condition. There are various factors that can cause the plumbing vent boot to leak, but the primary causes are loose or missing nails or a cracked gasket. Most plumbing vent boots are covered in metal and plastic, which is why it is advisable that you start by checking the plastic bases for any cracks. You also need to check the metal bases to make sure that there are no broken seams.

After that, you need to check the rubber boot which surrounds the pipe to make sure that it is not torn or rotted away. If it is damaged in any way, you will be required to replace it so that the water can flow efficiently inside the pipes. If any of the nails are pulled free or missing, you can replace them with rubber washer screws which are usually used to install metal roofing systems.

Other Factors To Consider When Repairing Your Roof

Either you plan to repair the roof yourself or have a roofing specialist do it; you need to consider the cost of the entire project. However, roof repair should not be as expensive as roof replacement and if it is then it is best to have a new roof installed instead. Furthermore, you need to be careful when repairing your roof not to cause more damage.


If you do not have the skills and tools required to do this kind of work, you can look for a company offering roofing repair services. However, make sure that the company or the contractor you choose to hire is experienced and well trained in this field



What Most Roofing Companies Are Hiding From You!

Simply search Google for “how to select the right roofing contractor near me?” What do you find? In fact, you may discover dozens of people offering you advice on the subject. The interesting thing about this information is they are offered by roofing companies who try to convince the consumer that the other roofers are scammers. Most homeowners consider this a good service since they are kept informed on how they should go about choosing a roofing contractor in the area. But do you think that there is an epidemic where the majority of roofing providers are planning to scam their customers? This article provides information on what most roofing companies are hiding from you.

Spotting a real scammer is not difficult if you do some background search on the roofing contractor before you decide to hire them. In fact, if a certain company or contractor doesn’t have the necessary paperwork in place, they should not be considered to repair or install your roof. What are the big roofing providers hiding from their customers? Are they accusing smaller contractors of being scammers or fly by night traders just to destroy the competition? The roofing sector is the only industry in the construction market where bigger companies shout out loud that smaller contractors are there to scam the consumer. In fact, this has given most of the roofers in the area a bad reputation. Are these accusations really true after all?

Roofing has never been a glamorous vocation after all. It is considered genuine hard-work. One problem in the roofing sector is you don’t find any agency that accredits people who select roofing as their career. Although anyone may apprentice as a roofing contractor, there isn’t any stamp of approval to endorse their career. Hence, the only way to distinguish between a good and bad roofer is the number of years the contractor has been in business. This is why big companies warn their customers against hiring amateurs and discredit them whenever they get a chance.
Two things have resulted due to this predicament. The first thing is there is a distrust among homeowners when they plan to hire a roofing contractor in the area. This is quite reasonable given the fact that there is no proper method to measure the competency of a contractor other than viewing their work.

The second factor is this scenario has been able to create a negative opinion in the minds of the consumer that most roofing contractors are scammers.

In truth, this is not the real case. What most big roofing companies are not telling their consumer is that the vast majority of contractors on the market aren’t trying to scam their clients. In fact, most contractors want to perform an honest job and earn an honest wage at the end of the day. Does it mean that there are no scammers in the industry? No, this read is not trying to imply that there are no scammers in the roofing industry. In fact, there are scammers in every industry out there, and there is no difference when it comes to the roofing sector. But what we want to stress is the situation is not bad as the big companies are trying to make it. In fact, the majority of roofing contractors whether small or big are not trying to scam you. They want to do a good job and earn a good living from their vocation.

So, how do you distinguish between a reputed company and con artist when choosing a roofing company for your job? This is where you need to spend some time researching the options in front of you. Do not pick the first company that you come across without performing a background check on the service provider. First, look for the paperwork! Do they possess the necessary licenses, insurance, memberships of industry associations, and so on? Do they come highly recommended from their past customers? Are they holding a good standing with the Better Business Bureau? These are some of the most important things to look for when distinguishing between a good and bad roofing company in the area.

The aforementioned post offers information on what most roofing contractors are trying to hide from their customers. Make sure you do a background check before picking the right contractor near you.